What’s In a Name?

When it comes to the search for that perfect scent sometimes it’s best to forget the name and follow your nose! Here we have a selection of some of our favourite scented roses. Picked not just for scent but performance and beauty too.



Stephen's Big Purple

Big and strong in every way, the colour intensity matches that of the perfume on this dreamy, strongly scented, red/purple rose. A fabulous choice for cutting. Just one stem is all you need to bring a floral arrangement a kick. The colour is bold but not necessarily hot. Would look great planted in a hot border of reds and oranges; or even to bring a punch of colour to a cool coloured border.

Silver Shadow

If you’re a fan of Palma Violets you will love this statuesque specimen. Long straight stems with a bloom atop that is a calming shade of silvery blue/mauve. It’s one of those roses that actually smells how it looks: a subtle but captivating scent reminiscent of sweet violets. You may be thinking ‘Blue Roses? Not for me!’ But give this one a chance. The silver tone to the blue makes this rose a little different to the rest of the blues available, and lends itself well to arrangements incorporating silver foliage and pastel coloured blooms.

Red 'n' fragrant

We think the name describes aptly describes this rose as it is indeed red and very fragrant. In fact, it’s a beautiful shade of velvet red with a damask scent that will drift across the garden, filling the air with its perfume. So beautiful and enduring is the scent, it doesn’t need to be planted so close to access for a passing ‘sniff’. You could plant this one towards the back of border out of sight and still be so aware of its classic beauty by scent alone. Having long straight stems makes this rose a fantastic choice for flower arrangements.

If none of these particular roses suit your needs, give us a call or pop in.

We can recommend some alternatives to suit your location and colour scheme.

We have hundreds of varieties to choose from so look no further!

Mum In a Million

Are you after a robust, healthy rose with a scent to match? Then take a closer look at this shrub rose. Being a Renaissance rose, it belongs to a group of roses with some of the most delicious fragrances with the capability to knock your socks off! Not overly big, reaching heights of around 3 or 4ft, you can grow this one just as easily in a very deep pot, as in the ground. With Mother’s Day just around the corner why not get one for her whilst you’re shopping for yourself?

Special Anniversary

If you are looking for an anniversary gift, then look no further than the ‘Special Anniversary’ rose. When this rose comes into bloom we know where to find our own team – as they are likely to be buried nose deep amongst its large scented petals! A beautiful shade of dark rose pink almost signifies the intense aroma that is to be released.

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