We place orders for bare root roses with growers in mid-summer. In late autumn/early winter these roses are dug from the grower’s fields, cut, stripped, bundled and tied for transportation. We receive deliveries from growers between November and January.

When roses arrive we hand cut each bundle and count and check each rose for strength and health. These bundles are re-tied then loaded onto bays for storage. We ensure there is space for air circulation, water them and cover them to protect them from drying out. Each day we open the stack and check on the roses.

We pot up to 900 roses by hand each day come rain or snow with a small team of very hardworking staff!

The process starts with trimming the roots and shaping the stems. Disinfected and sharp bypass secateurs are used to make a 45 degree angle cut to allow water to run off the wound. Any weak or damaged stems are removed to ensure the plant’s energy is directed to growth on the strongest stems.

After cutting each bare root rose is placed in a 7 litre pot, filled with general purpose compost and a slow release feed to keep it in optimum health through the following 12 months.

We water the potted roses then load them onto the mule and trailer for distribution across the site. Roses must organised so that there is access for maintenance, air circulation between pots and room for growth.

Over the course of the season we will pot in the region of 25,000 individual roses. These are hand watered, fed and treated 361 days a year!